Volunteer Awards

Portsmouth Inspiring Volunteer Awards 2019

Now Open for Nominations! 

The awards nominations have shown that so many volunteers across our city bring something valuable to the lives of those around them. Our communities are a better place for having them in it. They share their time and energy selflessly, in an age when it is so often said that people are selfish.Organised by Portsmouth Together and Pompey in the Community, the awards are an annual event funded through support from local businesses and organisations.

Do you know anyone who gives their time and energy to help others? Do you think they deserve to be nominated for a volunteer award?

Nominating is easy, it’s a great way to recognise the unsung efforts of the people of Portsmouth, and everyone nominated even if they are not shortlisted will be recognised.

You can nominate online by using the link below, or email/pop in for a paper application form. Nominations can come from anyone, and anyone who volunteers in Portsmouth regardless of age can be nominated.



To recognise and reward the dedication and hard work of Portsmouth’s we are looking for nominations for volunteers in the following categories:

Education & Mentoring Award (team or individual) – Supported by 

The volunteer team of the year will be a group of volunteers who come together for a one off project or ongoing volunteering that they do as a team. They have worked together and made a difference for their community or services that they support. They might be a team supported by their employer to give something back to their community, a group of young people, or a regular team supporting a good cause. A team consists of 4 or more volunteers working together.

Volunteer of the Year – supported by 

Our volunteer of the year will be someone who has given their time, skills and experience to an organisation in Portsmouth. They have shown dedication and commitment to their volunteering role and through this they have enhanced the services available to people in Portsmouth and inspire others to volunteer. The person will have contributed in a meaningful way to the organisation and its recipients. They will have done things that are above and beyond the usual role of a volunteer and the impact of their volunteering is huge on both individuals and the organisation.

Young Volunteer of the Year Award – supported by 

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  • If you'd like to get involved on a casual basis volunteering why not join our one-off volunteering team please emai… https://t.co/ICgwNoZGJU