Food Portsmouth

Food Portsmouth aims to support and promote Portsmouth and Southsea’s thriving food economy; from community orchard projects, to social enterprise cafes. We see ourselves as an “umbrella” organisation that unites the many fantastic sustainable food initiatives in the public, private, charity, and community sectors.  Our actions contribute to making Portsmouth an active member of the pioneering national Sustainable Food Cities initiative, which harnesses sustainable food as a vehicle for driving positive change.

What Food Portsmouth aims to do:

  • Celebrate and promote existing food projects in Portsmouth and Southsea
  • Bring together local communities, businesses, policy makers and public health advocates
  • Host an annual good food community event
  • Offer food learning, training and networking opportunities
  • Form an army of ‘Food Warriors’ to volunteer at a variety of food-related projects
  • Support the reduction of hunger, malnutrition and food poverty

Why was Food Portsmouth set up?

In 2014, a conference of over 55 people linked to food from across Portsmouth came together to discover what it meant to become a Sustainable Food City, and how Portsmouth could aspire to become one. The workshops during this conference culminated in the creation of this collaborative vision:

‘To improve the health and wellbeing of the City, uniting and empowering the residents and organisations through a positive healthy food culture that is fair, resilient, and economically and environmentally sustainable.’

Following this conference, Public Health at Portsmouth City Council subsequently commissioned Food Matters to research and write the Review of Food in Portsmouth, published in Summer 2015.

The themes and recommendations put forward in this review now form the basis for the Food Portsmouth action plan which guides the sub groups and their actions. The 4 subgroups are:

  • Food and Health Inequalities
  • Green and Urban Spaces for Food
  • Food Industries and Business
  • Food Research and Funding

There are also 3 cross-cutting themes:

  • Waste
  • Education
  • Sustainability

Food Portsmouth is a not-for-profit group governed by directors, employing one part-time partnership coordinator. Food Portsmouth was awarded some funding from the Tudor Trust to support with the initial set-up of the network. We are grateful to the John Pounds Community Centre for their on-going support.

Find out more and how you can get involved at the Food Portsmouth Website

  • Healthwatch Portsmouth Public Board Meeting 2-4 PM 5th September - click for more infomation…