Santa Fun Runs 2016

On Saturday 11th December 100s people of all ages turned up, dressed up for one of the 3 Portsmouth Santa Fun Run's.

The Southsea Festive Santa Mile

Unbeatablecar Santa 10k

Portsmouth RNLI Santa 5k Fun Run

Organised by Believe and Achieve Events, the Santa Runs have become a popular way for people in the Portsmouth and surrounding areas to have fun and raise money for charity.

The photos below are from the Unbeatablecar 10k and RNLI Portsmouth 5k Santa Runs, that are run along Southsea Esplanade.

By the time of the RNLI Portsmouth 5k the sun had burned of the mist and seeing hundreds of Santas running beisde the beach was a great image.

The first picture below is of one of our very own volunteers, Muge Phillips and her son, Evan, who both ran the RNLI Portsmouth 5K Santa Run - congratulations Muge and Evan.

More photos can be found on our Flickr and Instagram pages so click the links below to see if you can find photos of you or your friends and leave a comment on why you took part in the Santa Fun Runs 2016.  The Photos were taken by Portsmouth Together Manager, Brian Bracher (@Brian.Bracher)

Portsmouth Together Flickr 

Instagram @portsmouth_together



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