Why YOU should volunteer at the Carers Centre

 “Because it’s rewarding”

“It’s given me confidence”

“To give something back”

These are some of the comments that volunteers have made when asked why they support the Portsmouth Carers Centre.

Over the last two years the organisation has recruited and trained 30 volunteers, all of whom help to keep this lifeline service open to families in need.

Since opening in  2008 the Carers Centre has provided a hub to thousands of families enabling them to find friendship, support and fun in one place.

Volunteers can get involved in a whole host of different activities, from baking cakes for the ever-popular cafe, to giving talks to students, providing secretarial support at meetings, to helping promote the service at fun days and health and wellbeing events or being carers champions at the Queen Alexander Hospital.

All volunteers are supported with supervision and a comprehensive training and induction package, specialist training is also available dependant on their role. From First Aid, to Level 2 Food Safety, from Basic Food Hygiene to Team Leadership Skills (NVQ Level 2), Reminiscence therapy training and professional boundary training. With skills like these, volunteers can gain qualifications to add their CV.

Every month volunteers contribute approximately 150 hours to the cause, which equates to a 1 x full time post. In money-terms, volunteers provide support to the value of over £1,600 a month, or £19,200 a year, an amazing achievement.

With all this to offer, why don’t you consider offering some of your time to the Carers Centre. As one volunteer pointed out when asked why they got involved: “It’s because the team at the Carers Centre value you.”

023 9285 1864

Email: katy.walsh@portsmouthcc.gov.uk




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