medium.jpg Activate mentoring is a 1-1 mentoring programme that has been developed to support young people who have been identified by their school as ‘at risk of not achieving their potential.’  This could be for a number of different reasons; low attendance, lack of aspiration and motivation or an unstable home-life to cite just some examples.

The programme provides a positive and trustworthy adult role model – ‘Mentor’ - to provide regular help, guidance and support to these young people.

Many young people we work with have low self-esteem; by helping young people to discover activities and new skills, we can really help them to improve and achieve in many areas of their lives.

The overall outcome of the programme is to help ensure that young people with the greatest need get high levels of support to help them achieve their potential, leading to improved self-management skills and  increased numbers of young people achieving GCSE’s and being able to progress into higher level education or training.


The focus of the programme is to select (from business and the wider community) appropriate adults who are willing to give approximately one hour a week to be a mentor to an individual student. EBP (South) carry out the recruitment and selection process and to provide training in the coaching and mentoring role.  EBP work closely with the school to match the coach/mentors with students according to their need.

Volunteers Mentors receive initial and ongoing training and support and high quality resources to help them engage with the young people, motivate them to aspire to achieve, and encourage them in their learning.

medium.jpg Mentors make a difference. A mentor is a person who chooses to invest their time in a young person, not because they have to but because they want to. A mentor can help a young person achieve their goals, become more confident and equip them with the tools they will need to be successful in the future. Further benefits of mentoring include:

Ø  Enabling pupils to address their weaknesses

Ø  Improve their learning skills

Ø  An opportunity to discuss targets and how to achieve them

Ø  An opportunity to discuss career and life aspirations

Ø  Identify appropriate intervention strategies

Ø  Offer positive role models

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