Portsmouth Together Partnership

Portsmouth Together Vision

A city in which volunteering is encouraged, promoted and supported because it has the power to enhance quality of life, reduce inequality or improve outcomes in health, public health and social care.

Our Aims

Portsmouth Together is a city-wide partnership that seeks to promote a culture of volunteering and in so doing, extend and celebrate volunteering across the city. This Partnership brings together representatives from Voluntary and Community Sector, Business Sector and Public Sector to provide leadership and vision.

The overarching aims are:

  • Enable an environment where volunteering not only happens but is actively encouraged so that the full range of economic, social, environmental and personal benefits volunteering brings is recognised by residents, organisations and businesses;
  • Promote and extend volunteering across Portsmouth, showing the impact that volunteering can make in our communities
  • Volunteering is seen as attractive and accessible to all and undertaken by a high proportion of people across diverse backgrounds.
  • Volunteering is supported, rewarding and where everyone feels that their contribution can make a difference

Our Objectives

  1. Encouraging the development of volunteering approaches and structures that effectively support a mutually beneficial volunteer experience
  2. Promoting volunteering as a way to improve individual resilience, health and well-being
  3. Supporting business/organisations in delivering corporate social responsibility programmes that include employee volunteering
  4. Encourage more young people (14-24) to get involved in Youth Social Action
  5. Support volunteering as a pathway into employment through enhanced confidence and skills